Joseph Pulitzer Airing Nationally on PBS THIS Friday!

We are thrilled to announce that “Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People” will be airing nation-wide on PBS “American Masters”. We have gotten so much positive feedback from people seeing the film in theaters, both on the film itself, but also on the score. This makes us happy. We do believe that music in film should absolutely support what’s happening on screen and in the story of the characters it’s scoring, but also it should be good music on it’s own, just simply coming out of speakers. I know many do not agree with us and feel music for film should be of more the “invisible” variety. But, I bet if you go back to your absolute favorite films in life and play the scores, it will be real music that does indeed stand on it’s own.

Anyway, enjoy the film, check your local PBS station, I believe it’s 9pm in most regions.