We, Olivier Manchon and Clare Manchon, wanted to create a place to share something we really enjoy doing; writing music for moving images. Based in Kingston NY (from Brooklyn/Paris/Marthas Vineyard), We come from a background of writing, recording and touring, sharing with live audiences. Film is something entirely different and a medium of collaboration that is not offered in a band setting. It takes so many incredibly talented people to make a film, we love being just one of the ingredients to make up the whole.

We had the band Clare and the Reasons for 3 studio albums, 2 live albums and several world tours. Olivier leads Orchestre de Chambre Miniature (currently dormant but will wake someday!). Over and over people have called both projects visual and cinematic, likely because we think in such a visual or narrative way when writing the music. The song is one thing and becomes a whole different picture with the orchestrations. Textures building on light building on patterns building up colors makes something, hopefully exciting music. 

One of our main focuses when writing music for image is quality of sound. Since we have a human string orchestra, (Olivier) we're able to create all real strings and don't have to cave in to fake string sounds because of budget; something that has become all too common nowadays. It certainly drives our ears a bit mad when we hear it. Real vibrations on a string can never be replicated and we strive to preserve that. Add in the fact that Olivier also plays some brass instruments, it's a warm feast of orchestration, even on the most modestly budgeted projects. Clare is often called upon in film and commercial projects for her unique and emotionally charged vocals. We also have a plethora of not often heard instruments that we often play with in the mix.  Musical saw anyone?

We're thrilled by taking on projects and creating a palette that paints musical contours as boldly or subtile as the film calls for.  We hope to delve more into independent film where people are taking chances and speaking with unique voices to create new worlds. 

Scoring filmography:

“Modern Love” - Additional score for the upcoming Amazon show starring Tina Fey, Anne Hathaway etc (Amazon Prime)

“Good Girls” - “Viens La” placed in a montage on the NBC show. (NBC)

“The Resident” - Jazz Trio song placed in the hit FOX show. (Fox)

“Corners” Short film by Anthony Nicolau. Film Festivals

“Witness Theater” Theatrical and festivals

"L'échappée" by Laetitia Martinoni (french film, festival prize winner!)

"Joseph Pulitzer" - PBS American Masters (EMMY Nominated!)

"Postcards From The Great Divide"- PBS Shorts 2017

"The Perfect Crime"- PBS American Experience 

"Uncommon Ground" - Theatrical release & PBS

"Everything is Copy" - HBO (additional music by)

"Colliding Dreams" - Theatrical release

"Black Box"- 13 episodes aired on ABC and worldwide 

"Deceptive Practice"- Documentary on Ricky Jay, Theatrical and PBS "American Masters"

"Shut Up And Look"- Documentary on Richard Artschwager

"The Human Body"- PBS

"The Human Brain"- PBS

"18 in New York"- French documentary for european TV

"Home Delivery"- French documentary