Shut Up And Look: Richard Artschwager

We were lucky enough to write the music for film on a man who we now consider to be one of the most inspiring important artists of the last century (as do many others). We knew his name, but to delve deep into his artform and expression through working on this film really made us converts.  Sadly Richard Artschwager passed away this winter, all we can say is thank goodness Maryte Kavaliauskas had the passion to get this film made so we can all remember and appreciate him appropriately, a proper documentation of a great artist. This film has played in London, NY, Austria and will be coming to the Hammar Museum this summer in Los Angeles. Check the playdates section for updates on where it will be playing. 

“Sculpture is for the touch, painting is for the eye. I wanted to make a sculpture for the eye and a painting for the touch.” -Artschwager