A different sort of summer

This summer Olivier got asked by the band, The National, to be the music director on a new adaptation of Cyrano- Starring Peter Dinklage. Olivier's bible as a teenager was in fact "Cyrano de Bergerac", it all felt too special to pass up. So, we loaded up the car with kids, bug boxes, venus fly traps, music gear and headed to Connecticut for the summer.  I can tell you, it was loads of work, but completely worth it, for art's sake. It was an incredibly moving production and you'll be hearing more about it.


Scoring (most) of "Witness Theater"

We're enjoying getting immersed in writing another score for a new Oren Rudowsky film (busy guy!) This film is completely heart breaking and heart warming, all at once.  We say we are mostly scoring all of it because they are also licensing some beautiful pieces from composers such as Osvaldo Golijov. The film is the about an incredible story of NYC teenagers coming together with Holocaust survivors to learn about their lives and then to stage their survival stories theatrically.  To see the surprisingly deep connection between the teenagers and the survivors is a testament that we are all humans and can always try to make an effort to understand on a deeper level. It's also a reminder that these stories NEED to be told over and over, through all generations so we may never forget what really happened. 

Music before image! Yay for that.

Just wrote an old fashioned Gershwin type orchestral score for a commercial being shot in Palm Springs next week. It has been an exciting experience to get to write and record the music BEFORE the commercial was shot. This is because all the dancers will be choreographed to our music. Can't wait to see the final cut! We'll share it soon. 


Writing the score for a short french film

Enjoying writing the music for Laetitia Martinoni's short film in Paris. It's based on her own story of being a young mother diagnosed with breast cancer.  It's very moving, creative and filled with great humor, all through an obviously painful situation. It's called L'échappée, hopefully it'll become a feature length, it's a bold, refreshingly honest story. Read about it more here.

Starting a PBS score on Joseph Pulitzer

We're very content to be working, once again, with a very smart director, Oren Rudavsky.  He has been working like mad on an incredibly interesting and timely documentary about Joseph Pulitzer. Pulitzer started the first gigantic, completely independent newspaper in the 1890's called The News Of The World.  We'll keep you posted on the PBS air date. 


Tammy Fender Beauty line

We've embarked on a new kind of project; scoring beautifully shot, scrumptious short pieces about the facial herbalist extraordinaire Tammy Fender.  These are Directed by Paul Austin from the Austin Advisory Group and he knows how to make an advertising intension feel like an artistic, lush film that one gets lost in. Yes, we like scoring a short film shot in France in the Berry region set in beautiful medieval religious gardens. Yes!

Postcards from the Great Divide

We've been having a blast doing the music for the opening animations for a PBS/Wall Street Journal co production. Postcards from the Great Divide is a series of 9 short documentaries examining the partisan, ideological and ethnic splits in American politics. Watch all the films at http://www.politicalpostcards.org/

WGBH's "American Experience" on PBS

We're getting very excited to start working on a film for American Experience produced by WGBH, to air on PBS.  Details to follow, but this will be quite a dark score, and dark is good if you ask us. 

Lincoln Center Premiere

Great news, "The Zionist Idea" is having its world premiere on january 22nd at Lincoln Center in NYC. Click here for more info - We're very proud of this score.  It was a great pleasure working with Oren Rudavsky, Joseph Dorman and Nick August-Perna. Today we had our first real snowfall in Brooklyn, it was quite beautiful, as the first snow usually is.... By March, we won't be feeling this way. 

Starting a new film about the city of Lifta

We're about to get started on a new documentary film about a village called Lifta and its complex history. It's a beautiful, frustrating story and ultimately brings a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman together in a conversation in which they somehow find a sense of understanding in the other one's struggle, or, at least, walk arm in arm - 

Starting a new project

We're in the woods of massachusetts all set up to begin a new project with exciting film makers. We'll announce this soon. Mapping out our sonic world for the score and letting it serve in a much different way than we have been recently on other projects. Several 10 minute pieces of music, textural and understated, part of the landscape of the film. Still enjoying all the positive feedback from Black Box as it airs each week. Happy summer to you all~

Just finishing up episode 13

It's surreal to be wrapping up this season of composing the music for Black Box.  It's been an intense, highly rewarding, creative experience- we still don't know the future of the show but we know we'll be thrilled if it gets picked up and we'll bask in this time we have off coming up. (after we do a documentary in June/July.  We're still very much of the mind set that organic sounds enhance real characters and even at the end of the season, we find ourselves recording live string at 3am because to us, it matters. 

Episode 5 of Black Box.

We had such a fun time working with director Eric Stoltz on episode 5 and 6 of Black Box.  He's a real music guy, knows his stuff- always refreshing. This episode is about questioning the existence of god and also accepting death.  You know, normal network TV subjects! (not)  We had such a rewarding artistic experience scoring this episode. There is even a Clare singing choir at the end.

Episode 5