Lincoln Center Premiere

Great news, "The Zionist Idea" is having its world premiere on january 22nd at Lincoln Center in NYC. Click here for more info - We're very proud of this score.  It was a great pleasure working with Oren Rudavsky, Joseph Dorman and Nick August-Perna. Today we had our first real snowfall in Brooklyn, it was quite beautiful, as the first snow usually is.... By March, we won't be feeling this way. 

Starting a new film about the city of Lifta

We're about to get started on a new documentary film about a village called Lifta and its complex history. It's a beautiful, frustrating story and ultimately brings a Palestinian man and an Israeli woman together in a conversation in which they somehow find a sense of understanding in the other one's struggle, or, at least, walk arm in arm - 

Starting a new project

We're in the woods of massachusetts all set up to begin a new project with exciting film makers. We'll announce this soon. Mapping out our sonic world for the score and letting it serve in a much different way than we have been recently on other projects. Several 10 minute pieces of music, textural and understated, part of the landscape of the film. Still enjoying all the positive feedback from Black Box as it airs each week. Happy summer to you all~

Just finishing up episode 13

It's surreal to be wrapping up this season of composing the music for Black Box.  It's been an intense, highly rewarding, creative experience- we still don't know the future of the show but we know we'll be thrilled if it gets picked up and we'll bask in this time we have off coming up. (after we do a documentary in June/July.  We're still very much of the mind set that organic sounds enhance real characters and even at the end of the season, we find ourselves recording live string at 3am because to us, it matters. 

Episode 5 of Black Box.

We had such a fun time working with director Eric Stoltz on episode 5 and 6 of Black Box.  He's a real music guy, knows his stuff- always refreshing. This episode is about questioning the existence of god and also accepting death.  You know, normal network TV subjects! (not)  We had such a rewarding artistic experience scoring this episode. There is even a Clare singing choir at the end.

Episode 5


Black Box Premiere Tonight!

Tonight is the series premiere of "Black Box" on ABC!  Exciting times, although we'll hardly have time to watch because we're still in the middle of scoring the season. We hope you watch tonight, but more so, we hope you'll watch through the whole season because it's a show that evolves and becomes close to your heart with time and story lines. Stick with it! You'll be very happy you did. We also hope you like main theme of the show, we wrote it and are quite excited about it. 

Black Boxing!

As the show wraps filming this week in NY we're almost half way through scoring the episodes. The sound colors and textures of the show are becoming more and more of a natural landscape for all the stories and characters in the show.  We're feeling really excited about the sonic universe this show embodies. It has been such a pleasure to work with the creator Amy because she has such a bold vision for the show. As with the characters, the sound is unique and unconventional, thank goodness!

A note about the trailers online and on ABC, those have nothing to do with our score, and the sound of the show couldn't be farther from those trailers.  So, sadly it won't give you a view of the score, but you certainly can hear all the sounds in episode 1 staring April 24th 10PM. 

For now, we're continuing to write and record heavy hitting jazz musicians in Brooklyn. 

New ABC Drama

We're currently writing the music for a new ABC drama called "Black Box". We feel like little musical elves in our workshop.  It's premiering on April 24th at 10pm. It's been a really exciting experience to work on it and we are pretty thrilled with the musical direction the show has taken. It's NOT your average network drama music. The show's creator had a vision of it being an alternative jazz score and that's exactly what it is.  There's also a lot of darkness and explosions of musical energy along side the characters. We've been thrilled to record some incredible NY jazz musicians for this and feel all the real, human elements add such richness. We're honored to be a part of this production adventure. Please watch!

Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival

Olivier has been locked in our music room for days hashing out the arrangements he's been commissioned to do for the Bridgehampton Chamber Music Festival. The concert will be August 9th and is called Midnight in Paris. He's arranged pieces like Ravel's "Pavan...", Django's "Minor Swing" as well as other french masterpieces for string quartet, french horn, fluit and a Django format swing band headed by Stefan Wrembel. 

The challenge of melding a chamber music sound with a swing band is seemingly big but Olivier is so deeply connected to both that it seems to be coming together as if it were always meant to be that way. 

Looking forward to August 9th! 

Tickets available here... 

Welcome to our very new site.

Greetings. Thanks for coming by to take a look and listen. This is a pretty minimal site as of now but we'll be attempting to get more clips up of older projects we have done. For now, there are several clips in the "reel" section of the two most recent films we scored. "Shut Up And Look" about Richard Artschwager and "Deceptive Practice" about Ricky Jay.

Both films were a joy to work on and we look forward to sharing new projects that come our way with you.

*You can also listen to a pretty wide ranging selection of audio below the videos, an overvue if you will.

"Music, I feel, must be emotional first and intellectual second." -Maurice Ravel

Shut Up And Look: Richard Artschwager

We were lucky enough to write the music for film on a man who we now consider to be one of the most inspiring important artists of the last century (as do many others). We knew his name, but to delve deep into his artform and expression through working on this film really made us converts.  Sadly Richard Artschwager passed away this winter, all we can say is thank goodness Maryte Kavaliauskas had the passion to get this film made so we can all remember and appreciate him appropriately, a proper documentation of a great artist. This film has played in London, NY, Austria and will be coming to the Hammar Museum this summer in Los Angeles. Check the playdates section for updates on where it will be playing. 

“Sculpture is for the touch, painting is for the eye. I wanted to make a sculpture for the eye and a painting for the touch.” -Artschwager